Zentra Greiberis

Coming from an Air Force family, Zentra moved quite a bit in her youth. She spent her early childhood in northern Italy then moved to Cascade, Montana when her father retired. After a few years of the small-town life they made the transfer to Helena. She fell in love with the community right away and quickly decided that this place would forever be her home.

She graduated from Capital High School (GO BRUINS!) and worked for a few local businesses in town, establishing deep seeded friendships with those she worked with along the way. A career in accounting soon began to form and away she went, leaving a trail of crunched numbers in her wake. The years passed and she discovered her career choice left much to be desired. She decided to spice up her life and spend a summer working in Glacier National Park where she realized her dream was to make people happy, not to be a walking, talking data-entry machine. This was the first step toward her transition into real estate.

As Buyer Specialist, this position gives her the means to satisfy her passion for high quality customer care. As a new mother, this exciting new career path provides Zentra with a great position for her little family and a great internal sense of fulfillment.

Zentra tries to spend her free time camping, hiking, or rafting with family and friends but will retreat indoors to read or paint when the weather disagrees.

She has found her place in this world and cannot wait to provide you with the best customer care during and after your time working with Aubrey Hutchison Real Estate.

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